• Be Beautiful!

    Your body uses folic acid everyday to make millions of new cells!
    So getting enough can give you shinier hair, stronger nails,
    and healthier skin.   Read more…

  • Be Healthy!

    Folic acid supports physical and emotional well-being.
    It’s good for your heart and may reduce the risk for some cancers.
    And it can help your body deal with stress! Learn more…

  • Have a Healthy Baby!

    400 mcg a day of folic acid 3 months before you get pregnant can help you have a healthier baby, too!  Read more…

    Folic acid taken 3 months before pregnancy can prevent serious defects of the brain and spine
  • Get Free Vitamins!

    One small multivitamin a day is all it takes.
    Get a free bottle from the SF Health Department of Public Health! Learn more...

    One multi-vitamin a day is all it takes - get them free from the San Francisco Department of Public Health!

Folic Acid Fundamentals

Folic acid is an important B-vitamin that, taken daily: 1) supports health and well-being; 2) can improves the look of your hair, nails and skin; 3) help you have a healthier baby. Doctors recommend that all teen and adult women get at least 400 mcg daily.

Information for Health Professionals

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends that all women who could become pregnant get between 400-800 micrograms of folic acid daily. Go Folic! promotes the concept of healthy nutrition and the benefits of daily supplementation of folic acid while enhancing the general health and well-being of clients.

The History of Folic Acid

What lead to the recommendation that all women who can get pregnant get 400mcg of folic acid daily? And to the supplementation of grains with folic acid in the U.S.? Get the story straight from the scientists who were responsible for these amazing breakthroughs!

Over 2/3 of women, ages 18-24, don't get enough folic acid. If you're one of these women, it's easy to change this. All it takes is one daily multi-vitamin with 400mcg of folic acid.


Encouraging women to get 400 mcg of folic acid daily!

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